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St. Louis Hip Surgeon

St Louis Hip Surgeon Ryan T. Pitts

Your hips and knees can bear up to 7-10 times your full body weight during everyday activities and are exposed to even higher stresses during sports activities. Hips and knees are also very susceptible to sports related injury and arthritis. Contact St. Louis Hip Surgeon Ryan T. Pitts M.D. for the full range of services related to hip and knee problems associated with sports, aging, trauma, and arthritis. Dr. Pitts goal is to minimize downtime and maximize recovery. Dr. Pitts handles cases for weekend warriors to professional athletes from young children to adults. St Louis Hip Surgeon Ryan T. Pitts is a fellowship-trained Orthopedic Surgeon at Metropolitan Orthopedics in St Louis Missouri.

St Louis Hip Surgeon

Hip Arthritis

As our bodies age, our hips are subjected to wear and tear which can lead the degenerative arthritis (known as “Osteoarthrits”). Some patients are more prone to this arthritis, which is loss of the articular cartilage in the joint. Arthritis can cause pain and swelling in the joints and lead to decreased activity levels. St Louis Hip Surgeon Ryan T Pitts M.D. has a conservative approach to arthritis, preferring to exhaust all non-surgical techniques before considering surgical intervention. Dr. Pitts is utilizes multiple techniques, including injections, bracing, and various rehabilitation techniques to improve the pain and swelling associated with arthritis as well as prolonging the function of the joint without surgery. In some cases there may be surgical options which can stave off the need for a joint replacement, and Dr. Pitts can help you decide if these procedures are right for you.  If you have been told you have hip arthritis or have been experiencing hip pain, call Metropolitan Orthopedics and St. Louis Hip Surgeon Ryan T. Pitts at (314) 432-2323 to schedule an appointment.

Hip Impingement

Hip impingement, the short name for “Femoroacetabular impingement,” results from abnormally shaped bones in the hip joint that patients are born with. Hip impingement can be quite painful and restrict movement, and can lead to early arthritis in the joint. Arthroscopic surgery is used to reshape the hip joint by changing the shape of the bones and cartilage to correct the impingement, relieve the pain, and prevent the development or progression of arthritis in the hip. Minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery for hip impingement spares healthy bone and tissue while helping create pain-free movement. Dr. Pitts has the skills and training to perform arthroscopic hip surgery to help you experience a life free of hip pain. Call St Louis Hip Surgeon Ryan T. Pitts M.D. at (314) 432-2323 to schedule an appointment at Metropolitan Orthopedics.

Arthroscopic Labral Repair of the Hip

The socket in your hip joint is lined with a cartilage covering called the labrum. Injury, aging, impingement as discussed above, and repetitive movements can cause the labrum to tear. Frequently, a labrum tear causes no symptoms; however, some people may feel pain or that their hip is sticking St Louis Hip Surgeon Ryan T. Pitts M.D. at Metropolitan Orthopedics offers arthroscopic labral repair. Dr. Pitts has the training and expertise to perform this state-of-the-art procedure to help get you back to work or play as soon as possible.

Hip Resurfacing

St Louis Hip Surgeon Ryan T. Pitts M.D. at Metropolitan Orthopedics offers hip resurfacing to relieve pain and restore function for select individuals with arthritis or other hip conditions. Unlike total hip replacements, hip resurfacing removes less bone and may allow a return to higher levels of function and a more normal feeling hip joint after surgery. In general, younger active people are the best candidates for hip resurfacing, and it’s important that only patients who are appropriate candidates for resurfacing get the procedure. Dr. Pitts will be able to advise you if hip resurfacing is right for you, or if you may be better served with one of the up to date total hip replacement techniques available. Call Metropolitan Orthopedics at (314) 432-2323 to schedule a consultation and look forward to returning to life without hip pain.

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