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St. Louis Elbow Surgeon

St. Louis Elbow Surgeon

The ability to treat elbow injuries is a specialty. These injuries are far less common than knee and hip injuries, and not every general orthopedic surgeon in St. Louis readily takes on the challenge of a damaged elbow. Sports medicine fellowship-trained elbow surgeon Ryan T. Pitts M.D. handles the depth and breadth of this specialty including the most complex elbow surgeries for patients in the St. Louis area and beyond. From elite athletes, to weekend worriers and hardworking people trying to get back to work St. Louis elbow surgeon Ryan T. Pitts can help. Dr. Pitts utilizes the most advanced procedures available to minimize down time and achieve the maximum recovery for the patient. Call 314-432-2323 to set up an appointment and take the first step in the recovery process.

As the body ages

Elbow problems may result from acute injuries but may not emerge until a lifetime of wear makes its presence known. Middle-aged elbows commonly suffer from tendonitis or "tennis elbow." Barring accidents, the young adult's elbows usually remain undamaged. One exception is the athlete who demands extra performance from these areas. Serious players of baseball, swimming, golf and racquet sports are all vulnerable to elbow injuries. Such athletes represent a significant proportion of St. Louis elbow surgeon Ryan T. Pitts’s work, and he uses a range of open and minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery procedures to help repair these overused joints. Dr. Pitts uses his training in sports medicine to maximize recovery for his patients.

St. Louis elbow surgeon

The arthroscopic edge

During minimally invasive arthroscopic elbow surgery, a surgeon inserts a pencil-sized tube with a light and camera enclosed into a small incision near the joint. An image of the inside of the joint is then viewed on a screen. While arthroscopic procedures offer the advantage of an easier recovery, the long-term results are typically the same as more traditional open surgeries. Depending on the type and extent of your injury, your St. Louis elbow surgeon will determine which method to employ.

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Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m
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Missouri Baptist Medical Center
3009 N Ballas Rd #105b,
St Louis, MO 63131
Phone : 314-432-2323

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